Blue Sky Studio is the Blue Mountains’ only off grid solar powered recording studio – just a 1.5 hour drive from Sydney CBD. The studio is owned and operated by Chris Gillespie.

We offer high quality music recording and production. We use the very best in high end outboard analogue recording equipment for both tracking and mixing. Here at Blue Sky we are proud to use brands like Neve, API, Manley Laboratories, BAE, Great River, Universal Audio, CAPI, Neumann, Rode, Bees Neez and more. We believe in having the best quality tools to achieve the desired results. Have a browse of our Gear List.

The studio is situated in a beautiful bush location, which is the perfect place to relax and let the creative process happen.

Chris is a patient, experienced and passionate audio engineer as well as producer. Being a seasoned and educated musician (and songwriter) himself, he has a refined ear for music, songwriting and arranging. He is also a multi instrumentalist offering services as a session player. Chris Gillespie’s productions and recordings have been heard on Triple J radio, ABC Radio National, 2SER, Fbi Radio, RAGE (ABC TV) Channel 9 Television plus various community radio stations across Australia.

Why not get in touch about your next recording project? We are happy to work with you to find a package to suit your needs and budget. Chris is a believer in preserving the integrity of your music. Whatever is necessary to achieve this is the correct course. Here at Blue Sky, It is of utmost importance that you are happy with the results.

All work done at Blue Sky is also completely carbon neutral. By choosing to record at Blue Sky you are not only supporting your art, but you are also supporting the Earth.

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