Gear List

Here at Blue Sky Recording Studio, Blue Mountains, we take great pride in offering access to the best in recording gear.

Microphones are a key element of a strong and detailed signal chain. The mic quality will make or break the recording..

Our Microphones include –

Neumann U87 (the legendary U87 )
Neumann TLM 49
Neumann KM 184 x 2 (pair of SDC’s)
Bees Neez Arabella (U47 style Tube condensor)
Bees Neez Lulu FET x 2 ( Vintage KM 84 style pair of SDC’s)
Bees Neez Isobel (Vintage U87 style LDC)
Bees Neez Oliver
oliver-3 (1)

We also have
Rode K2 (Tube mic) with (1960’s) NOS Mullard Tube upgrade
Shure SM57 x 2
Rode M2
Rode NT1a
Beyer Dynamic MC 930 (SDC)
Shure SM81 (SDC)
Nude Ribbon Mic

(SDC = Small Diaphragm Condensor)


Outboard Microphone Pre-amplifiers

The Mic Pre is the analogue processor that captures the rich, detailed sonic which is so integral to the sound of your recording. 

Our Mic Pre’s include –
80 Series Modules

Neve 1073 + EQ ( the world’s most desirable mic preamp and EQ – A true CLASSIC piece!)

Heritage Audio 6673 + EQ ( Just incredible, the EQ is stunning)

19″ Rackmount Mic Pres
BAE 1073 MPF Dual Mic Pre + High Pass Filter & DI ( 2 channels )
Universal Audio LA – 610 Channel strip (Mic Pre, EQ + Opto Compressor/Limiter)

500 Series Mic Pres ( housed in 2x API Lunchbox Power Supplies )
We have Neve 1073lb + EQ + 2264 Compressor – The whole combo. ( another incredible design from Neve – crystal clear and flattering to all sounds)
We also have
2X API Lunchboxes.
Classic API Vp26 x 2 (pair) (Scott Liebers Red Dot Opamps)
Classic API VP 28 (Gar 1731 Opamps)
Classic API VP312DI (Red Dot Opamp & Gar 1731)
Great River MP500NV

Some Classic API gear

Outboard Compressors
The compressor is the bread for the sandwich. It tightens up your sound, gives it forward punch and controls the dynamics in a pleasing manner, creating space and drawing attention to the elements that play the most vital role in your song.

Our compressors include –
API 2500 Stereo Buss Compressor (This box is amazing!)
Universal Audio LA 610 opto Compressor

Klark Teknik 1176 Limiting Amplifier Compressor
Classic API Fc 526 (Gar 1731 Opamps)

CAPI fc526.jpg

We also have –
Neve 2264 ALB (500 series compressor)

Outboard EQ’s
The Eq’ing is an important process in both tracking and mixing. This can be used to highlight or carve out space for other instruments to fill the audio spectrum. A great EQ is vital to this process. We have some VERY desirable pieces in this department also –

Our EQ’s include –

Manley Massive Passive Stereo EQ (Tube) – the pride and joy.

Klark Teknik EQP-KT – Pultec style Tube EQ.
We also have
Neve 1073 EQ + HPF (High Pass Filter)
Heritage Audio 6673 EQ + HPF
Neve 1073LBEQ (500 series EQ)
Universal Audio LA – 610 EQ
API 550a and 550b – The real deal. They both sound so good!

We also have a 16 Channel Neve Analogue Summing Mixer –
Neve 8816 – 16 Channel summing mixer (for mixing your music through the same analogue circuits and transformers of a NEVE console – warming the mix and adding that magical analogue sound) In the words of Hugh Robjohns at Sound on Sound magazine, ‘The critical issue is what [the 8816] sounds like. The answer is simple: it sounds fabulous and sublime. Its huge headroom and the classic transformer mixing topology endow the mix with an effortlessly silky quality that just screams ‘analogue’ at the listener.’

AD/DA Converters
Apogee AD 16X & Apogee DA 16X – World class conversion, both using the Big Ben clock. All I can say about these is WOW! Beautiful bottom end and detailed, clear tops.
We also have Mytek AD and DA – Up to 192k. Beautiful, clear and accurate sound to ensure sonic integrity. Some of the best converters money can buy.

We use K&M mic stands. All cables in the studio are Mogami, Canare and Vovox Sonorus (expensive? yes! but worth it? Absolutely.. to ensure the clarity and integrity of the signal chain)

Software and Interfaces
We use Pro Tools 12.8. We have a UAD 2 Duo on board with lots of UAD Plug ins (considered by many to be the best plug ins currently available). We also have WAVES plug ins.
Interfaces include –
Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56
Focusrite Octopre Clarett (incl. modern AD/DA conversion)
Digi 003

Tannoy reveal 601a (primary) and Behringer Truth (secondary pair)

2x pairs of Sennheiser, 1 pair is wireless for ease of use during tracking.

I can also simply mix your music using all of the above outboard equipment and digital plug ins (when required). As well as recording, I offer a mixing service, so you can have your recordings (which were recorded elsewhere) mixed by me through the above listed analogue equipment and setup. The difference this will make to your already recorded project will be beneficial beyond description.  Get in touch for a quote.

Instruments for hire during session

Need a guitar….? We have some..

Our instruments include –

Gibson J-45 Sunburst Acoustic
Gibson B-25 Vintage (1970) Acoustic
Gibson ES – 175 Sunburst Archtop Acoustic/Electric


1932 Gibson Kalamazoo KG21 Archtop

Gibson ES – 335 (Cherry)
Gibson SG Electric (Gold)
Gibson Les Paul Standard Electric (tobacco burst)
Fender Stratocaster Deluxe ( Made in USA )
Gretsch Chet Atkins Signature Tennessee Rose
Martin & Co. D-35 Acoustic
Yamaha 12 String acoustic
National Style O Resonator (14 fret)
Beeton Triolian Resonator
1970 Squareneck Dobro

1950’s Double Bass
Fender Precision Bass (Made in USA)
Ibanez Electric Bass

Fessenden D-12 Pedal Steel guitar (double Neck C6 & E9)

Kentucky Mandolin
Washburn Banjo
Fender Princeton Reverb Blackface 65 RI Amplifier (2 channels with reverb and tremolo – Made in USA )
Fender Blues Junior Tweed Amplifier (This has a Killer sound!)
Roland Cube 80XL. The older and better model. Very handy amp with a beautiful clean tone and reverb.

* Please note – instruments are not kept on the premises and are only available upon request in advance of all recording sessions.
Contact us to make a booking or enquiry